It passed!

*celebratory drink*

Everyone pray that my repaired(ish) car passes inspection so I can start the road trip.

Otherwise this is totally gonna blow and I’ll be collecting tickets all weekend

Jack Gleeson and Natalie Dormer for Entertainment Weekly [x]

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Reinaldo Lourenço Fall 2012


Reinaldo Lourenço Fall 2012

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"should i bring my harp?"
-kerri, because not only is maedhros a one-handed virtuoso harpist but carrying a sword and a harp at once is clearly an excellent battle strategy (via ambrorussa)

It was an honest question guys, jeez. I guess I won’t share my harp with my bros, you’ll just be harpless and WHAT WILL YOU DO THEN

lord of the rings: gondor (SA 3320), kingdom of men.
make me choose: asked by tiny-snapdragon — rohan or gondor 

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Forest by thatthinguy13 on Flickr.


on a scale from 1 to sansa stark, how much do you regret your childhood crush

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Finished the armor for my Maedhros cosplay!

This is the biggest and most ambitious leather working project I have ever done; and although it was done in two stages months apart, the design, drafting, cutting, tooling, dyeing, and assembly was all done in two days. When I get motivated, I get really motivated.

The tassets have a simple line gorged into them, but all the upper body pieces have a celtic knotwork pattern tooled into the edges.

The idea behind this is to draw inspiration from the armor in the LotR films, which I think is really the best part of the films, and dial it back several millennia as far as technology and armoring skills goes. If they have plate mail in the War of the Last Alliance, then the War of Wrath should in theory be the end of leather and chain and beginning of plate.

I presume that post-Thangorodrim Maedhros would favor his left and fight in a more dueling style; turning his body side face to the opponent - thus the heavy armor on one side of the body (rest of the arm armor not pictured due to armless mannequin). The right side will be wearing chain for practicality and I am making a shield for more heavy fighting.

Usually I get mad at my projects as soon as they’re finished, but this one I absolutely love.

Get ready everybody.

This is gonna be legen….

wait for it.


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